“ The Has Been Colour ” of the Seventies
In 2022 BROWN is back, and taking over interior designs again.
Among the avant-garde, 1970 interior designs trends are making a definitive comeback.
At first, it may seem like an unwelcome blast of the past. The 1970s have long been lampooned for their questionable choices – plastic furniture, traffic cone orange, and dusty shag carpets.
But, the 70s were, in a way, quite restrained in palette. Lots of Brown and warm tones, natural and raw materials – wood, exposed concrete, paired with bold geometric patterns – Think David Hicks [ I remember adorning the walls of my very first house with several of his graphics designs. So cool, I was! ]
On the cover of his new album, Harry Styles, an arbiter of taste, if there ever was one stands in a very 70s room.
Different colors affect our emotional well-being. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that after two all years of pandemic uncertainty, Brown is seeing a massive resurgence in home decor.
Painting by Joe Tilson
Painting by Joe Tilson
But why? Overnight, many people made a literal move to working and living in one place.
[See my post – How to style your home/office].
More time was spent indoors than ever before, and people felt a need for a relaxed environment.
Brown is associated with the earth – the calming element that keeps us quite literally grounded. People feel a sense of safety and security when surrounded by the color Brown.
Ralph Lauren
Too often, minimalist has been interpreted as all white everything.
But, as the pandemic made everyone sit at home staring at the walls, white might have been the last thing many people wanted to continue watching.
Enter Brown…
a color that’s comforting, and can still fit with a neutral palette beloved by minimalism devotees, such as myself.
Shades of Brown bring about warmth and calm that feels timeless.
Unlike some interior design trends, Brown, like black and white, will always be in.
As Yves St Laurent said…
“Trend passes. Style remains”
Brown can compliment a multitude of colours :
Vintage Roland Klein
Vintage Roland Klein
brwns 1
From the neutrals : black, white, grey, caramel, stone, camel, terracotta …
Earth colours are calming and sophisticated.
To the soft pastels: pink, sky, eau de nil…
It’s cool, it’s fresh.
To the vibrants: shocking pink, red, lime green, chartreuse, turquoise, lemon…
A delicate balance of earth tones with playful colours that doesn’t tread into kitsch.
It’s about escaping today’s hectic world and finding authenticity and simplicity.
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The colour Brown is calming and helps people feel grounded. I think, in many ways it is how people want to live.
BROWN is cool again.
And it’s quite 70s