cocktail parties – the guests

As for any party, the success often rests with the guests.

They have to sing for their supper!

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party girls

Here are my tips to make the party swing:

1. It is vital to invite the right ‘mix’ of people. The wider the variety of jobs they do, the less likely they will group to talk shop.

2. Bring in some controversial characters who might spice up the conversation.

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4. Make sure people are introduced to one another properly. Giving their name isn’t enough to make them relax and start chatting away. Talk about their interests, their charming bolthole in Tuscany…

An amusing idea could be name tags. Something like:

– understanding neighbour

– aspiring actress

– failed politician, or if you dare,

– enthusiastic naturist

looking for Mr Right                         (avoid that person)

– open to any offer

Hmm! It will definitely get the tongues wagging

7. People generally like to talk about themselves. Let them. A soupçon of harmless flattery and you are home and dry.

8. Someone greets you like a friend. You can’t remember who they are. Don’t let on. Just ask broad questions or “how are things at the moment?” Keep the conversation going, eventually the penny will drop.

9. To escape some boring person clinging to you, how about “Let me introduce you to someone you’ll find interesting” or “excuse me, I just spotted an old friend I haven’t seen in ages”

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13. When thanking the host or hostess, be specific “I love your new kitchen”, “the food was delicious, Jamie Oliver eat your heart out.”  You’ll be back!

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3. Try to inject new blood into your guest list. Invite new neighbours or people you met on recent holidays. How about asking each guest to bring someone you don’t know? Think outside the box.

5. Offer to help the host or hostess. It gives you something to do and the perfect excuse to approach anyone you would like to meet.

6. Start with a compliment – like “nice glasses” rather than “you are the sexiest girl in the room!”

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10. You meet a Celeb, don’t whatever you do talk about what they are famous for. Let them bring that up. It doesn’t usually take long.

11. Make sure you read the daily papers before going to the party. Whether its the Turner Prize winner, the election results in Ukraine, or who’s just been kicked out of the celebrity jungle, being informed will give you something to spark up the conversation.

12. If you want to get on everyone’s invitation list, be fun, and show genuine interest in who you are talking to. Try to pick up on a point they made earlier and bring it back to the conversation.

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14. In today’s global work, serious socialites require some understanding of the international codes, if they want to “cut the mustard”.

The French never bring a bottle, unless it’s from their own vineyard. But they are offended if they are being served plonk. They will discuss food, art, but never sex.

Italians will turn up one hour late, with half their “tribe” following.

Greeks  love to pretend they are Italians, and will arrive even later.

Americans  men talk dollars, their wives about their shrink and their diet.

Germans don’t do small talk. They stick to sports and politics.

As for the English, they go on and on about the weather! Men discuss sports and cars, women, where to buy the latest discounted fashion.

under any circumstances should you mention Brexit or The Donald!