how to hang a picture

Here are my 10 tips to give your walls the ‘wow’ factor…

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1.  In order to decide how to hang an assemblage of pictures, first lay them on the floor and try different positions. When you are happy with your selection, take a photo of the layout. It’s then easy to reproduce the composition on the wall.

2. You can line up pictures of different sizes from the top or the bottom of the frames, but symmetry is important.

3. A large scale painting will elongate a space and look much more important than two or three small ones.

4.  In a room with a very low ceiling, hang frames near it. They will draw your eyes upwards.


5. Frames can simply rest on shelves. It makes it easy to move them without spoiling the walls.

6.  One wall can become your art gallery, with framed pictures, photographs, mirrors… and lots of mirrors will reflect light and enlarge the place.

7.  For a dramatic look, your own artwork can be reproduced and tailored to fit the size of your wall.  also have a large range of many subjects from art to landscapes, sports, nature etc…

8.  A large framed wooden board can become graffiti art, and the all family can become artists.

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9.  If you use photographs, no need to buy expensive frames. Most department stores sell assorted frames, in colours and sizes for around £15-25.

10. For an assemblage, quantity can make up for quality!

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