pot-luck supper

‘Everybody is doing it these days’

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Photo by Grant Sainsbury

I want to show you how easy it is, with little time and effort, to put a simple meal together, whatever the occasion. It could be a few mates watching sport on the telly, a friend in need of a shoulder to cry on, or a family get together… Sometimes it’s nice to throw an impromptu supper. After going with chums to a movie, or an exhibition, one might feel like extending the evening. “Come back to my place for something to eat.” It’s late, the last thing you want to do is cook, and the first thing your friends want is to sit and wait ravenously for food to appear on the table.

here are a few simple ideas…

1. Obvious but always appreciated, a plate of succulent pasta with homemade sauce, fresh herbs and grated cheese.

My tip – Keep grated cheese in your freezer, ready to use when you want to sprinkle it over a dish before putting under the grill, or as a base for a creamy sauce. Saves time.

Tomato sauce tastes best using half fresh, half tinned tomatoes.

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3. My version of Ratatouille (see recipe)

super easy and very tasty

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2. cheese and wine

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4. assorted charcuterie– see Mother’s tips about slicing charcuterie

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5. Speedy and easy potatoes wedges and mini sausages (see recipe)

6. In winter, a bowl of heart warming soup, served straight from the pan, with crusty bread. 

Uber healthy!

My tip – In a coming post  “The leftovers” I will show you how to use your leftovers to create the most delicious soups. 

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Zandra’s famous Pea Soup (see recipe)

7.   A big  mixed salad can also be made out of leftovers. Start creating  your own unusual dressing which can become your trademark.

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potatoes, vine tomatoes, ham, saucisson, cornichons,spring onions and mixed herbs

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8. chicken provençal – the family’s favourite (see recipe)


Photo by Grant Sainsbury

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chick peas, tinned tuna, spring onions and black olives


green beans, onions and chives

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cos lettuce, vine tomatoes, radishes,spring onions,anchovies and chives

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9. As long as none of your guests are allergic to seafood, how about a bowl of steamed mussels?

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10. Tuna stuffed tomatoes (see recipe)

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11. For your carnivore friends – steak tartare

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12.  Being French, my Mother was a great cook and a great pastry maker. One of her specialities and one of my favourite was “Tarte aux pommes” – apple tart. (see recipe)

Here is a simple version of it. It takes no time to put together and it will impress your guests. I promise you.

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Mother’s Tarte aux Pommes 


I designed this kitchen for one of my clients