Simply WHITE

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Technically WHITE is not a colour. Well, it’s my favourite colour!

It is the symbol of purity and romance. The list of clichés is endless. The dove of peace; the meringue dress of the bride; the linen sheet; the carpet of snow; the sheet of paper in front of the writer or the composer; and, in history, the famous Malevich painting “WHITE on WHITE” which opened the door to avant-garde art; or the floating icebergs symbol of our changing world.

Over the years I have designed WHITE clothes and WHITE rooms. My house in the South of France is all WHITE. I have also given some memorable WHITE parties (see White Parties post).

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Vintage Roland Klein


 Chez Moi en Provence

For me, home has always been a special place, somewhere I can shut the door to the outside world and feel calm and refreshed. At the end of any trip, business or pleasure, the best moment is when my keys open the front door.


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BeFunky-collage (58)
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A WHITE space can be like the perfect little black dress – simple, stylish, classic, and yet modern.


The coolest way to upstage the guests. The only rule – keep red wine at distance.

Time and time again I have referred to Coco Chanel’s motto “Le luxe c’est la Simplicite” (luxury equals simplicity).




Think beyond flat white.

It’s a misconception that a WHITE room looks cold. WHITE is not just one colour. There is an enormous palette of WHITES, all different shades and tones, but nonetheless WHITE.

WHITE not only brings a room to life, but it also accentuates architectural details, mouldings and woodwork.

I often use several different tones of WHITE to decorate one room. In a recent project, I used WHITE with a tinge of lilac for the walls, chalky WHITE for the cornices, and plain WHITE for the ceilings.

Lighting is very important. Too bright and the room can then look sterile.

One of the joys of decorating a WHITE room is that one can play by adding colours with rugs, cushions, plants and flowers.

And a WHITE wall provides the perfect canvas to display artwork.

You can give a new lease of life to any old piece of furniture with a coat of WHITE paint. A wooden floor painted WHITE will look regenerated and stylish.


In today’s hectic life, a WHITE room can be more valuable than anything in the search for peace and harmony.