The Colours of India


Diana Vreeland, the Grande Dame of Fashion, once wrote “Shocking pink is the navy blue of India“

For my first trip to India, I chose to visit Rajasthan, the land of palaces, princes and maharajahs. India was a real culture shock for me, a mind-blowing potpourri of sights, sounds and colours.

From the kaleidoscope jumble of chaotic old Delhi to the breathtaking splendour of the Taj Mahal, floating in the morning mist like a dream, I travelled to the pink city of Jaipur overlooked by the colossal Amber Fort, and to Udaipur on the shores of the tranquil Lake Pichola.

As a Fashion and Interior designer, I was bowled over by the vibrant colours worn by the women, and sometimes by the men.

Back in London, I was thinking – could these colour combos be translated into European fashion? Probably not.

But I do feel they would work in interiors, and I am certainly going to use some of them in my next projects.

Here are some of the  fashion images I came across during my travels…

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