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People think of style as something mysterious and complicated and therefore unattainable when in fact, as Coco Chanel famously said:

“style equals simplicity”

Chez Moi is about my love for fashion, interior design, food, entertainment and travel…


about me new

Born in France, I learnt my design skills in the prestigious Couture houses of Paris, Christian Dior and Jean Patou. For several years I was assistant to Karl Lagerfeld, before moving to London to launch my own fashion label. Eventually it led me to give advice on decoration and to restyling homes in London, Paris and the South of France. Et Voila! Roland Klein Interiors was created.

My job took me to numerous parties involving glamorous models, celebrities and international travel. With little taste for alcohol, no memory for names and little talent for small talk (does that make me sound like a party pooper?) big parties are not for me. But saying you don’t like parties is like confessing that you hate children and furry animals.


But I love parties… My parties! 

Here are my tips for a successful party…