How to Wear a

White Shirt

Keep your shirt on

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From Left to Right: 1. Marks & Spencer 2. Gerard Darel 3.  Ralph Lauren 4. Heidi Klien 5. Burberry 6. Marks & Spencer Men ‘s 7. Agnes B 8. Victoria Beckham 9. Palmer/Harding for John Lewis 10. Roland Klein Vintage 11. Princess Diana 12. Anne Fontaine 14. Marks and Spencer 16. No name 17. Tom Ford 18. J Crew 19. Fope 20. Marks & Spencer 21. Sharon Stone own  22. Sportmax 23. Ralph Lauren 

Zendaya in Valentino cropped shirt it 2020 Oscars

1.  There is no quicker way to style your wardrobe, without too much cash or effort, than investing in a white cotton shirt or simply rummaging through your boyfriend/husband’s wardrobe.
2.  Whatever the season, it’s a true all rounder – whenever you are at work, out on the town, on the beach, or invited to a VIP party. Sharon Stone wore it on the red carpet for an Oscar ceremony.

3.  There is the classic variety, the longer tunic length, the cropped, the collarless, the sleeveless, the flared sleeves…the list is endless. 

4.  Some shirts you can wear as a dress, or as a jacket, unbuttoned over a vest, off the shoulder, even back to front- why not?

5.  Burberry’s last show was a symphony of white shirts, with lace panels, frills, pleated fronts etc… and of course every shop on the High Street is selling endless different versions.

6.  Figure out the best shape to fit you.  If you are of a certain size, discard anything too fitted, or with darts at bust or waist.  A man’s shirt can be the best option.

7.  The list of devotees is endless: it became Patti Smith’s trade mark.  Agnes de la Fressange (Chanel muse) wears it for day and night, Victoria Beckham designed her own. Today, style icons: Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Gigi Hadid, Heidi Klum… have all been seen wearing a white cotton shirt.

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Uma Thurman wearing Bottega Veneta’s silk shirt at the 2020 Oscars
Giambattista Valli